The Truth Is Out There – Athens Airport

Strange things are afoot at Athens Airport. An incident involving a UFO in November 2007 has recently come to light. A pilot working for Olympic Airways first reported the sighting which was later confirmed by Athens Airport staff. The Plane was heading for London.

The object was also seen by pilots on two other planes. It was reported to look like a big star which was not following any direction pattern. Two jets were deployed to investigate the sighting however the object disappeared before they got a chance.

The sighting was kept under wraps for over a year. Recently official document and audio conversations have been released. The story has received a lot of coverage all over the world.

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An official from Olympic airlines confirmed that it was the 1st ever incident of its kind to occur to an Olympic airlines pilot. Government officials believe the object was most likely the planet Venus.

In 1991 a pilot reported having a near miss with an unidentified object at London Heathrow. The Alitalia pilot spoke of seeing a similar object to the one in Athens which had no exhaust.