Remember to always belt up in your Athens Car Hire

Most people were aware of the uproar that occurred last year when Britney Spears was spotted driving with her child on her lap. This week it’s Nicole Kidman who finds herself in the parenting bad books due to not strapping herself and her baby into her hire car with a seatbelt. Her husband Keith Urban also neglected to buckle up.

While it certainly does not compare with what Britney did, it is still a very important issue. The family was in Spain at the time where seatbelts laws are not as heavily enforced as in other countries. Greece has steeped up its seatbelts laws considerably since the mid nineties.

Always remember to wear your seatbelt no matter how short your trip is. If you choose to hire a car in Athens and have a baby with you then make sure you check the individual prices of baby seats from each supplier. It may seem like a small thing but it is something which can vary in price quite a bit between each supplier.

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