Lufthansa Celebrate Birthday at Athens Airport

The German Airline Lufthansa this week reached a fifty year milestone at Athens Airport. At 2pm a Lufthansa flight left Athens amid celebratory scenes. Flowers were presented to the planes crew by Paulo Yoshikawa to mark half a century of connecting Athens with the world.

The first Lufthansa flight departed from Athens Airport on May 11th 1959. This plane had arrived from Hamburg the previous day before returning stopping off at Frankfurt and Dusseldorf along the way. There were twenty one Greek officials on board the flight.

From the 13th of May 1959 Lufthansa began a regular service. The cost of the service when worked out with today’s currency rates was a whopping five hundred and sixty two euro.

The route has proved immensely popular over the years carrying millions of people. The airline is credited with helping build tourism in Greece. There are now six flights a day operated by Lufthansa from Athens Airport to Germany. Check out the website for more information