Athens Film Festival

The fifteenth Athens Film Festival will begin on the sixteenth of September and run for eleven days. Organised by the local film society there will be an excellent assortment of films on offer including twenty hard to find cult movies as well as one off specials in honour of Jørgen Leth and Zbigniew Rybczynski who are both considered pioneers of the industry. The main movie theatres involved in the festival are the Danaos, Attikon and Apollo.

The cult movies on show have become an obsession of many local film buffs. Much work has gone into finding the most suitable films out there with hours of research done by volunteers.

Danish director Jørgen Leth has many strings to his bow besides film with interests in jazz and poetry. The Athens film festival will look closely at his documentary work.

Hailing from Poland, Rybczynski already has an Oscar under his built for a short animation (1981). Some of his most acclaimed work will be presented at the festival.

The Athens Film Festival is yet another reason to visit the incredible city of Athens.