A few things you should know about Athens

1) Greece has a population of 11 million. Athens accounts for 3.2 million of this

2) Work out before you travel whether you have the right power supply for hair dryers, electric shavers etc. In Athens – Electricity – 22V 50Hz

3) Athens is a very sunny place most of the time with very little rainfall. There are often heat waves in Athens in the months of July and August. Winters can be a little cold with occasional frost.

4) Greek people are known for being friendly and open with visitors. Many of the citizens of Athens speak good English so don’t worry about asking them questions. If you have time, try learning some Greek words before you leave as they will appreciate the effort.

5) Greek time is 2 hrs ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, and 1hr in front of Central European Time and 7 hrs in front of ES Time. So for example if the time is 12AM in Athens, then in London it is 10PM