More Athens car hire trips

Following on from my previous post “car hire trips outside Athens”, here are some other nearby locations well worth paying a visit.

One such place is Sounio. Cape Sounio is about 45 miles away from Athens and makes for an excellent day out. Here you can visit the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon which is situated at the top of the cape. The temple is a wonderful historical landmark from as far back as the fourth century.

Cape Sounio is an excellent location for long strolls with some truly wonderful views to behold. Relax and gaze across the sea for a whole new view of Greece. There are plenty of options along the Apollo Coast for those looking to stop for the night as well as some really nice beaches to explore.

The peninsula of Vouliagmeni is another must visit area. It is just a short 15 mile drive from Athens so easily accessible in your Athens car hire. Here you will find gorgeous beaches with sparkling blue water.

The Lake Vouliagmeni is believed by some to have healing powers. The lake is filled with natural mineral water which is supplied by below ground caves. Ailments which supposedly can be cured include nerve, arthritic and gynecological disorders.

There are plenty of places to sit, relax and enjoy this unique place so it’s well worth taking the time for a day trip.