Cheap Bank Holiday Car Hire in Athens

Monday the 31st of August is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. Most people will have already arranged weekend getaways in order to make the most of the extra day.

Unfortunately some of us are not very organized when it comes to arranging holidays and have left things to the last minute. Do not despair however as there are still plenty of excellent bank holiday deals available.

Take our car hire Athens service for example. Search for a car for pickup (28th) and drop off (31st) and you will find cars available from just £77.97. With less than a weeks notice this really represents superb value. Budget priced cars available include a Chevrolet Matiz, Fiat Panda and Toyota Aygo.

So if you have just decided that you would like to get away next weekend then it can still be done for a reasonable price. Perhaps you have just got a bonus in work or had an unexpected windfall and now wish to treat yourself or family and friends. Search for a last minute car hire Athens quote today.