Britons Choosing Greece for Weddings

A recent report by the Greek National Tourism Organisation has shown that the popularity of Greece as a place to get married is on the rise with Brits. Speaking on behalf of the group, Sofia Panayiotaki believes that at least part of the surge in popularity can be attributed to the hugely successful movie Mama Mia.

Mama Mia was shot on the Sporades islands. This island has seen an increase in the number of British weddings this year with Skiathos, Alonisos and Skopelos all proving fashionable. Meryl Streep fans refuse to settle for anything less šŸ˜‰

The vast history of Greece also plays a part in attracting couples not to mention the nice weather. Statistics show that the number of couples traveling to Greece to get married has rose by twenty nine percent in the last year (March 2008 vs. March 2009)

Iā€™m sure the cast of Mama Mia will have made many new fans amongst the local businesses on the Sporades islands.